Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of the beautiful sights on the way home.
We same here, it was very refreshing.
Warthog ~ Pharochere
There are also topi in the park, but this is an endangered species in West Africa and there aren't many left they are very shy animals.
We were included in the never. The elephants did not touch our car.

Elephants are a different species (DNA studies suggest the West African animals are sufficiently different genetically to be classified as a third species of African elephant). Sometimes they will charge you, but never has there been an accident in the park. Never did an elephant touch a car.

what is in the water?

To the North of Benin at Penjari Natioal Park to see...........
The Pendjari National Park (French: Parc National de la Pandjari) lies in north western Benin, Named for the Pendjari River, the national park is known for its wildlife, including elephants, monkeys, lions, hippopotamuses, buffalo and various antelopes.