Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The only nice thing about the hospital was the signs. The rest of the emergency department was unsettling to witness.
The other day when I was walking through the hospital corridor there were some crew members in one of the rooms that is not often used. The crew members gathered there had witnessed a motorcycle accident in which a woman was badly injured and her leg was almost taken off. The crew members brought her to a local hospital, where the doctors stated they could do surgery but they needed blood in order to do the surgery. So the crew members came back to the ship and found some matching blood donours.
A closer look.
Hmmmmmmmmmm..............can't quite see what is inside........
More loaded cars.
It is just a matter of time for it to catch on in Canada although there are some 'yard salers' who can load a vehicle as well as the Africans.
A beautiful, life saving, bag of blood. Joan donated one of the three units of blood needed for a patient in surgery. He received all three units of blood and came out of surgery well.

Joan is still smiling. Giving generously!

Found the vien.
For patients in need of blood in the operating room we draw blood from crew members who are willing to donate.
Joan from South Africa a willing participant.
Hettie at the better end of the needle searching for a vien.