Monday, April 30, 2007

After the many facial surgeries that are perfomed the patients can start to look alike, with the large white banadages around their heads. Despite this fact their personalities come shining forth. Jeremiah in this picture put all these stickers on his own face!

The wonderful work on the Ward continues. Hettie playing with babies and lots of cleft lip and palate repairs.

In other ways war torn Liberia is so much different than Ghana or Senegal. From the signs, to the ever present UN and the barb wire every where. Each person here seems to have a story to tell and thankful for a listening ear to tell it to.

Carrying things on their heads and babies on their backs!

In so many ways Liberia is similar to Ghana and Senegal, the other two African countries I have experienced. One similarity being how they use their heads as their third hand. It really is amazing what they can carry.